Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School

Why does time have to fly so fast? It doesn't really seem to matter if you are having fun or not. How in the world did I suddenly become the mom to a fourth grader and another kindergartner. Well I guess that I must have blinked or something. I am very pleased with how enthusiastic my girls are about school and learning. They both have very fun teachers and the outlook for this year is definitely good. I cannot tell you how nice it is that evenings for us are spent with reading more than television. I am so grateful that their grandpa reads to each of them almost every night and now Serenity is reading to Cadence on top of that. I feel that they are creating memories that will serve them well throughout their lives and will bond them closer and closer to one another. Serenity got a small bookcase for her birthday and I was thrilled with how excited she is to fill it with books that she loves. Reading can be a contagious bug too, Cadence wants a bookcase of her own too.