Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trying To Get Organized

I have had a few people ask me to post pictures of the house. Since most of you haven't been out here to see it, it might be nice to have a frame of reference when you think about us. Mind you, part of what we are here to do is to fix up the house, so even though our stuff is in them, these could be considered before pictures. We don't have everything up on the walls and everything unpacked and in it's proper place, but it is a start.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting Settled in Palmyra

I know I haven't posted in a month and that I really should post something now that we are in Palmyra, NY. There isn't really much to tell just yet. We are getting the house set up and organized which is time consuming for sure. I am looking for a job and updating my resume and things like that. I have also been trying to set up a network between my dad's computer and mine so that I can use his internet access, but so far it is a no go. I have been out of the computer loop for too long and I haven't figured out what isn't right so I can correct it. All I know is, it wasn't this hard when we networked my computer, my dad's, and Sheri's when we moved in there.

Other than that, it is a little weird to get used to the layout of these little towns and villages and country roads. It has also been so bitterly cold that I haven't taken the chance to get out and explore like I would like to do. It is supposed to warm up to the 40s this weekend so maybe I will do something then.

The girls are doing well. It took a week after we got here to get everything squared away for them to start school. So now they are back in school and they love it. The really seem quite happy. Serenity's paperwork from her teacher makes me feel like her class is very strict, but she has good things to say about it everyday when she comes home. She thrives in an intelligent, challenging environment. Cadence raves about how fun her class is. She loves that it is all day kindergarten here and that she gets to eat in the cafeteria. She had P.E. yesterday and described an obstacle course and climbing to the ceiling and what a "blast, blast" she had. That does seem just up her alley.

Well, hopefully I will have more great things to report very soon.