Sunday, June 21, 2009

To Dad ~ Love Serenity and Cadence

The girls wanted to post a little something for Father's day. Of course being on opposite sides of the country, their dad wasn't able to enjoy the song all the kids at church sang for the dads, so we filmed this especially for him. They even changed a couple of the words to personalize it to their dad.

These are two of the sweetest girls in the world and they love their dad. They are so thoughtful and they are a great team. I am glad they have each other.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My New Job

So, I am sure a lot of you already know, but I thought I would post a little something about my new job. I finished my first week of working part time at the LDS bookstore right next door to the Grandin Press Building where the Book of Mormon was first published. In the picture, the bookstore is to the left of the Grandin. The store is called Latter Day Harvest. There are only two of them, one here and the other in Nauvoo, IL. I am really enjoying it. It is such a good environment to be in. It's gonna get a lot crazy during the Hill Cumorah Pageant, or so I am told, but I'm gonna have fun doing it. Although our list of things that the girls and I want from the store make me wonder how much of my pay check will be spent right there. The other perk is that it takes me about three minutes to walk to work from our house, so, score.