Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy Busy and Helpful Girls

Wow.  I really have neglected posting anything lately.  It isn't that nothing is going on.  It has just been crazy busy.  For the last month I have been working two part time jobs.  I am still working at the Latter Day Harvest bookstore right here in Palmyra.  I am now also working at Kohl's in Victor, New York, which is about 30 minutes away from our house.  After working out some scheduling misunderstandings and having a gracious manager at the bookstore, things are now scheduled fairly smoothly.  It, however, also means that Sunday is my only day off.  Laundry and other household duties are still being worked out, more unorganized than usual but, I'll get it all figured out soon.  The girls are being incredibly helpful and for a month minus a sick day for each girl, have made their beds everyday.  They keep their clothes picked up and on Saturdays it takes no time at all to clean their room even better.  They are doing more chores as well and it almost makes me cry thinking about what a HUGE help and weight off me and Grandma it has been.  I had been worried that I hadn't taught them well enough and they wouldn't gain an understanding of the satisfaction of hard work.  ;-) I think they will be all right.  I am grateful to them for their willingness to help out and being able to reward them with a tiny bit of allowance is very nice.

I am super stressed out and have had a couple of meltdowns and I don't know if or when things will calm down but I'm sure they will.....eventually......right?