Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Make Lemonade

Most of us know the phrase, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, the girls and I made some lemonade yesterday. I got off work a little early to use some of Labor Day to do something fun as a family. I was melting from the 98 degree temperature outside, but since the AC at work was broken, it may have been hotter than that while I gave massages inside. So to cool off after I got home, we decided to go see "Stardust" at the movies. We were very excited. We got there with only five minutes to get our snacks and seats. THERE WERE NO SEATS! Mind you, the movie was NOT sold out. I guess not everyone was there honestly. Anyway, we were very disappointed as we went back to the ticket counter, still carrying our snacks already to go. The manager was very nice and asked if we would like to see a different movie AND she would give me our money back for "Stardust". The girls were not easily talked into it, they had their hearts set. So the manager told us if we saw "Mr. Bean's Holiday" we would get out in time to Still see "Stardust" at 7:00. COOL! So we made it a double feature, which was a first for the girls. Seems like people just don't get to do that much anymore. BTW, "Mr. Bean's Holiday" was fun. Serenity and especially Cadence thought it was weird that there was so little dialog. All three of us absolutely LOVED "Stardust" and it will definitely become part of our DVD collection. We recommend it highly.


melissa said...

Sounds like you guys made some memories to go with your lemonade. Good for you. What a fun day.

Robert & Christy said...

Hi Hill,

gotta love the good ol' double feature. It makes me think that I need to do one of those again. Just chill out at the movie theater. I guess I'll have to wait until I can take the kids, so I don't have to pay 5 million dollars to the babysitter. You look terrific, by the way


Penelope Crackers said...

What a fun afternoon. I was wondering about that Mr. Bean movie. :) Glad you got to see Stardust. We loved it too. Also glad you got work off early. I LOVE that!

Seth Hippen said...

That's so great that you got to do a double feature! That sounds like a blast. So do you recommend the Mr. Bean movie? Maybe for DVD? Stardust was great.