Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weird and Random

Six weird and random things about me:
The rules are:
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* Write six random things/unspectacular quirks about yourself
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It really should not be that difficult to thing of six weird things about myself.....but it is.

1. I like to color pieces of my hair unnatural colors like pink and purple.
2. I love unusual names. Not made up names. Just uncommon with special meaning to go with my feeling as to what their personality is like. I think Serenity and Cadence completely fit their names.
3. I love to try out new recipes and twist them to my own tastes.
4. I am fairly mechanically inclined. I can fix things like old hairdryers, I can build my own computer, I have replaced roofs and done drywall and lay tile.
5. I have always had a fascination with vampire stories throughout my life. (The Twilight Saga played nicely into that fascination.)
6. I have a talent for remembering the lyrics to songs and find it annoying when people don't sing the right lyrics. If you aren't sure what they are, just hum instead.


Jewels said...

hey! I'm back in bloggerland :) it's been awhile, but thank you for tagging me!

sheri said...

okay. I did it. check it out!

That old lady with too many cats. . . said...

Well duh! If you don't know the words, and can't figure them out because they rhyme, hum. That is why it is so annoying. The words rhyme people!