Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feeling blessed this Christmas

The economy being how it is right now, we knew that this Christmas was going to be simple and on the small side. The girls have been sweet and understanding and helped fill our home with the Christmas spirit. Serenity completely ended our Christmas day quite nicely. As she climbed into bed that night, she said that this Christmas had been pretty nearly perfect. That made mommy tear up a bit.

There are also many people who have contributed to that Christmas spirit as well. We are very blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We are very rich in all the truly important ways thanks to all of you. We wish you all a blessed new year and hope your Christmas was as perfect as ours. We didn't send out Christmas news letters and cards this year so I will update you a little here instead.

If all goes smoothly, we will be moving to Palmyra, New York in a few months. I will be helping my dad with some restoration work on my older sister Heidi's house. It is going to be a great adventure, to be sure. I think I will miss the mountains a bit, and we will definitely miss those we are leaving behind in Utah. Wish us luck. Woohoo!


Jewels said...

we didn't do cards either this year! I totally had planned to make a bunch and send them out... and it just didn't happen.

Glad your Christmas was good! those are some sweet sweet girls you have :)

I've never been to New York before! what an adventure!

sunnytosh said...

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy Palmyra.

melissa said...

Wow! Palmyra! What an adventure! Be sure and take lots of pictures and blog a lot about what you're up to out there.