Monday, July 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Point by Cadence

Today at Thanksgiving Point I had a great time.  I played in the sand pit and saw a lot of cool stuff.  I did get a little camera happy, but the memoris were worth it!  I also saw a movie called flying monsters with Heidi.  Reni and Sarha saw mercat maner 3D.  We also saw our movie in 3D.  We made Reni and Sarha stand in front of a giant shark.  It really scared me.  Heidi said don't turn around while I was taking a pic, I turned around and got freaked out!  There were a lot of loud little kids there.  I am telling you this because I am bored, and I thought I would write.  I hope you like what I have writen!  Right now I am in the car going home.  There was a big fire near Thanksgiving Point!  We are listing to the news, about the fire.  We are also on the spiderweb rode.  We are now home.  I had a great time!!!


A note from Mom

Cadence wrote this in her notebook in the car on the way home from Thanksgiving point on July 3 and so the fire she mentioned is the fire in Alpine, UT.  I have kept the spelling and punctuation as she did as a kind of snapshot of her and this part of her life.  The pictures are a very small sampling of what she took.

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