Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Insane Snow Day

This is the condensed version of the story.
Luckily it was a MLK day so there was no school but I had to go to work. Or at least I was supposed to go to work. See, here is where the problem lies with me working way down in Orem. I left to drive to work around 7:50am. Which is a little early but it was snowy so I tried to give myself some extra time. Yeah, right. The freeways were a disaster. It normally takes me about 45 minutes to get to work. This trip, after 45 minutes I was 1/4 of the way there, still on I-215. So I let work know I was gonna be very late. Somewhere around 45 minutes later I was 1/2 way there. I called work again to see if there were any massages on my books. NOPE. So I decided it wasn't worth the insanity and decided to turn around and go back home. I took the surface streets home, because even though they weren't plowed either, they didn't look like a freaking parking lot. It took me another 50+ minutes to make my way home. THREE hours on the road. What a wasted morning. I hope everyone else had a more pleasant, less eventful MLK day.

Here is a view of the snow in our back yard after a little bit of melt time.


melissa said...

That is just pure craziness! I heard about the snow from my mom, who also didn't take the freeway and took twice as long to get to work. And apparently my dad didn't even make it in to work at all, even though he only works a few miles from home. He stayed home and cleared off the driveway a few times. Apparently the piles of snow around their driveway are now 3-4 feet tall! Makes me glad I live in Arizona right now. (Although, it is very pretty in your picture.)

sunnytosh said...

I remember the 3 hours it took to commute to the U one morning from Sandy, and like you I finally turned around. We haven't had so much snow around here, but it did get down to 46 degrees below zero the other night. Brrr.

Jim was teasing his friend about moving to Alaska for the warm weather (it was 30 degrees there).

Robert & Christy said...

We had snow too, here in NC. There was, maybe 1/2 inch when it fell (not by the next morning) and Church got canceled. Last year when we got 2 inches, Robert arrived at work to find no one there. He called his boss who said, "Of course there isn't any work today! Look at all the snow!" All schools were canceled as well. After living both in Utah & Colorado...we just didn't get it.

Penelope Crackers said...

Oh that's funny. I loved that last comment. People are so silly. Last year it "snowed" (really just a smidge of hail) in Santa Monica up by the temple and everyone driving on Santa Monica Blvd and Overland were freaking out! It was so funny. Beautiful pic. :)