Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Facts Tag

My baby sister, Hanna, tagged me. This challenge is to list seven random facts about myself that most people don't know. I am running into the same issue she mentioned of being such an open book person that I am having trouble digging up more than one or two facts. I could steal a few from Hanna's list, but I am going to try for some originals.

1. I have played capture the flag in La Cite (the castle where Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was filmed). It was a zone activity on my LDS mission in the south of France. I even scaled a couple of walls and cut my leg on some of the jagged glass embedded in the top of those walls. That was one of my favorite memories of a non-spiritual nature from my mission.

2. I had a rare blood disorder when Cadence was born called ITP which stands for idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. "Idiopathic" means that the cause is unknown. "Thrombocytopenic" means the blood doesn't have enough platelets. "Purpura" means a person has excessive bruising. In my case it meant I shouldn't have had an epidural and I ended up having the epidural needle in my back for almost four whole days. They were afraid if they took it out I could bleed to death. The hospital had only EVER treated people for it six times.

3. I am not as physically active as I want to be, but that isn't my random fact. It just makes this fact on my list more impressive or shocking. I want to run a marathon. I would love to have the discipline to take on something that physically demanding.

4. I was told often as a teenager that I should be a model. Tall and super skinny and pretty, were compliments people gave as reasons. Well, this might not be an unknown fact to most, but I STILL would like to be a model. I hold back now though because now that I am at a much healthier weight than I was back then, I am afraid of the affect it might have if they told me to lose weight.

5. I am a hopeless romantic, but that again isn't the fact that I am sharing. But as a romantic, I don't believe in soul mates. I believe with like interests, beliefs, goals, and attraction it is possible to be truly happy with more than just one person instead of just looking for one who might be impossible to find.

OK, I have racked my brain to try to be original but I can't come up with anything more. So I am gonna share/steal a couple from Hanna.

6. I have never been a natural at flirting. I am 33 years old and the art still eludes me. There has only ever been one boy with whom I found it somewhat easier to flirt and I had a crush type friendship with him for almost half my life.

7. I have only ever kissed two guys and my first kiss didn't happen until I was 24 years old.


Xena said...

You're right - I already knew all of those, except maybe #3 - wow, go for it! My ? is, how did they diagnos you in #2 and when did they determin it?

Robert & Christy said...

Wasn't that the most fun game of capture the flag, ever?! Do you think they might have put that glass there to prevent idiots like us from scaling over those walls? But,as I remember it, we won. :)
I can't imagine how horrible a needle in your back for 4 days would have been. Yikes!

Penelope Crackers said...

You are built for it and certainly beautiful like a model, but you've got a good point about what it does to your self-worth. My friend Carly in LA has been a model/actress since she was 16 and has had to go through a lot to keep a healthy attitude about herself. She's so so thin, but still healthy and is known as the "fatty" at a size 4 and 5'11". She's picked for a lot of commercials because they always say, "We are going for not the skinny kind of girl, but one that looks more healthy." But to anyone else she is so thin. :) She says it's hard going to auditions where they say that she is what they are looking for in her face, but she just needs to loose another 10 or 15 pounds! It's a crazy industry.