Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Upside Down Girl and the Tooth Fairy

I have said before so I know a lot of you are aware that I call Cadence my upside down girl. Since she was a baby, she could be found standing on her head in the corner of the crib. She watches T.V. hanging upside down from the couch or in a chair. She loves the monkey bars on any playground and has even turned the canopy of her and her sister's beds into a jungle gym. She cannot really tell me why she likes doing these things, but as her modest mother, I think she finds value in looking at life from a different perspective. I took a few pictures/videos of her swinging on her bed since I am not sure how conducive her next bedroom and ceiling will be for such activities.

Cadence is creative in many ways. Life with her is never boring. Its fun to look at things from her point of view.

Cadence was also very excited this week to lose her first tooth and of course her first visit from the tooth fairy. The little blue bag in her hand has her little tooth in it to put under her pillow. That tricky tooth fairy put her dollar in the bag and took the tooth without her even feeling it. How does time get away from us so much. We measured the girls within the last few weeks and Miss Cadence is already 4' 1". My baby isn't a baby anymore *sniff, sniff*.

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sunnytosh said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I hope they never lose their upside down perspective.

I can see the hole in Cadence's gums!