Thursday, February 5, 2009

Serenity On The Mountain

Here in Utah there is a school program that takes the fourth graders to go skiing at Snowbird. I am so glad that Serenity was able to participate in it before we head off to New York. She only got to go on one of their trips, but hey, that is more skiing than mommy has ever done.

She looks like a natural from my inexperienced point of view and she looks so cute in all her gear and wearing mommy's sunglasses. They got vouchers for skis and boots, a two hour ski lesson, and a few minutes a little more on their own.

She had a blast and she says she only fell four times and only crashed twice. She described how the snow flew when she crashed into the padding around one of the posts that goes to the ski lift. I have a very funny cartoon-like image in my head and wish someone had caught that part on film.

But thank goodness for those wonderful cushy pads that served their purpose so well. Next time I'll do better about sunblock too, she got a little bit pink. I truly hope that it isn't her only experience with skiing and that Cadence and I can share in this newly discovered source of fun someday.


Chicky said...

That looks like so much fun! Farr taught me to ski when we lived there. I had a few run ins with the ski lift myself.

Xena said...

Let's go next year! If you're still in New York it will be an excuse to come out. Sydney will be big enough by then to start learning. We can go to Alta where the bunny hill is free, we'll just have to pay for your ski rentals!