Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It has been years, but I let Heidi talk me into sewing Easter dresses with her for the girls. I used to sew all the time in high school and a little bit after, but that last major sewing project I did was my bridesmaid dress and Serenity's flower girl dress for Hanna's wedding. I am sad to realize that I had let go that part of me so long that my girls had never really seen me sew anything more than pillows and blankets.

They didn't even know what a pattern looked like out of the envelope. It was fun to watch how excited and impressed they were by it all, even with my skills a little on the rusty side. They all wanted different colors, so we used the same pattern and their individual colors and they turned out pretty cute. You cannot really tell by the picture, but the dresses are two layers with a more sheer chiffon fabric on top. Both Serenity and Cadence have expressed the desire to learn so that with be fun to teach and share with them something that was very much a part of my growing up.

Yesterday we also had fun at the town
Easter egg hunt in the park right next
to the house. You might have guessed
by the looks on their faces that it was
FREEZING but they still managed to
have fun

and that sneaky Easter Bunny
even got into the house while
the girls played at the park so
that their baskets were more
than overflowing.


Holly said...

Okay, I have to say it, Are they capris on Serenity or did she just grow that much this year. I only say it because after Stephen stopped wearing his boots I noticed every pair of pants he has are now high waters.

Happilyeverafterx3 said...

Oh I know what you mean, Holly. Those are actually capris, but she had those on cuz her few pairs of pants were in the washer and it is supposed to be spring. Both of them seem to have mostly high waters too.

sunnytosh said...

The dresses are darling. I can't wait to sew for my family. :)