Saturday, April 25, 2009

For the Birds

Having a park next door to the house sure is handy. It is definitely turning out to be one of the girls favorite things about living here. We are over at the park almost daily and some days more than once. It is an extension of our back yard, in a way. The merry-go-round still makes me nauseous even if I am just spinning them on it and not even on. The girls could stay on the swings all day and the teeter-totter too. Say that 5x fast.

It got too hot for the birds in the sun so the blankets made it harder to get great pictures.

This is Seymour.

Little blind screech owl. That is our house there in the back of this shot.

Barn Owl.

Big Horned Owl.

Today we got up after a little sleeping in and got ready and went over to the park for Palmyra's Bird Festival. It got into the mid 80s and was breezy. Very nice after such a long winter. There were booths about bird feeders and food to attract birds to your yard as well as plants and flowers for that purpose as well. There were birds from bird rescues, both for pet birds and wild birds that were injured at some point beyond being able to be put back in the wild after healed; like the cockatoo that used to be a performer at Busch Gardens until it attacked it's trainer or the little screech owl is almost completely blind after being hit by a car. We had a lot of fun and we learned a lot too. Serenity looked like she thought it was a little bit of heaven. All the birds were beautiful and we really enjoyed ourselves.


sunnytosh said...

that sounds fun.

The Hessing's said...

It's been so long since I've seen you! How are you? Yes we are very busy and just enjoying life. I'd love to get together sometime! Its been to long!