Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Chorus Concert

Serenity joined the school chorus here in Palmyra. Both of the girls were in chorus in Utah, but here they only allow fourth and fifth graders to join. This week they had their final spring concert ever at Palmyra Elementary. Next year all the third, fourth, and fifth grades from Palmyra and Macedon(the little town just west of us) will go to school together in what WAS Macedon Elementary and will now be called Macedon Intermediate School. All the kindergartens, first, and second grades with be here and called, Palmyra Primary School.

I captured some of the concert on my camera as video. I couldn't zoom in any further so sorry it is kinda hard to see Serenity. I tried to keep her in the center of the screen, but admittedly hard to pick her out. The audio quality isn't wonderful either, but it isn't from a nice camcorder.

I am pleased with the little young lady she is becoming and how at least during performances she isn't fidgety like a lot of kids are. We enjoyed it despite the heat and we hope you will too.

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Jewels said...

how cute! I'm so glad you posted this - I think I can see Serenity just based on the fact that she is one of the 2 kids who didn't move the whole time... What's with that kid in the front row, swatting flies? :)

What a relief it must be to get to this point in her growing-up and to know that she's headed in the right direction! You must be so proud :)