Friday, May 8, 2009

Zoo Field Trip

Cadence and I had so much fun today on her class's field trip to the Seneca Park Zoo. We were rather worried about how the day would turn out since it was supposed to be raining most of the day. Well, that is weather for you, ever changing. We dressed in our layers and had rain jackets prepared because the plan was to go, rain or shine. Hooray for shine. It ended up being a very nice clear day. We were so warm we had to shed some of our layers and we may have a tiny hint of pink on our cheeks. It wasn't the most amazing zoo I have been to, but all in all very fun. Some parts were better than other zoos I have been.


Seth Hippen said...

Looks like fun, ya wild and crazy animals!

Jewels said...

wow the pictures with the bear hugs really caught me by surprise! how fun, I love the zoo - I wish we all lived closer so the cousins could go together!