Friday, November 20, 2009

Locks of Love

Both Serenity and Cadence have loved having long hair and both have been growing it out for several years.  Neither, however, have learned how to brush through it adequately and both dread getting their hair done each morning.  Part of me feels like I should just let them do their own hair and don't worry about the rats nests that are being knotted up underneath the surface, and eventually they will learn what it takes to care for their long hair by themselves.  The part of me that refuses to let them leave the house looking like orphans in the movie Annie or Oliver Twist usually wins out though.  I hate to admit that I understand why my mom kept my hair short a lot of my childhood, but I do.  I hate the tears and the dirty looks they give when I am just trying to take good care of them.  I also hate the idea that they might get it stuck in their heads that girls are only pretty with long hair.  Variety and change are healthy, beautiful, and fun and when it is all said and done, it is just hair and it will grow back.

So a few months ago I mentioned it to them that it was time for a fresh cut for each of them and that it would not only make life a little easier in the mornings but we could turn it into a service project and donate their hair to Locks of Love and help out in an easy and fun way.  They had already done most of the work.  So hooray for new haircuts and fresh starts.  I think we will grow it long again and donate again.  It is a good experience.  They both look so gorgeous with their new do's as usual as well.  Here are the fun before and after pictures.  I don't think the pictures show well enough though, how almost giddy they both are at how cute their new looks are.  They have both had "bob" hair cuts before, but with bangs.  Without bangs might make them look too grown up.  I haven't decided yet.


ISBAM said...

Well done Mom! They do look grown up with their new do's. Big sis wanted to try the short hair a while back. She loved it, but now is willing to go long again, knowing that I don't allow her to look like an orphan, either. I never thought I'd hear her say she missed having french braids!

Chicky said...

I love it! I love that they donated it, and I love their new hairdos!

Xena said...

Every time Sydney starts screaming when we do her hair, we know it's time for a cut!