Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween In A Small Town

Halloween was a week long event here in Palmyra when it comes right down to it. Last Saturday on the 24th was Trick or Treating on Main St., which is just IN the shops in the village so it didn't take the girls long, but hey, more candy. Serenity painted pumpkins for activity day girls while I helped the YW decorate for the games we setup for Friday's ward dinner and Trunk or Treat.

Then on Wednesday evening there was a costume parade and contest for the kids up to twelve years old and free doughnuts and cider, that was held at Cadence's school. Cadence won second place in the cutest category for her age group....more candy. Regardless of the fact that Serenity was robbed of winning a prize, the three of us had so much fun dancing with each other as we watched the different age groups and cheering each other on. I cannot be sure, but to look at us, I think we had more fun than anybody else.

Serenity is a beautiful pink flamingo on the lawn that we call life.

Thursday I made a new recipe of soup to take to the ward dinner. Roasted butternut squash soup with apples and bacon. It was so good. As usual I didn't follow the original recipe exactly, but tweaked it a little to make it my own. We came home with an empty pot, so I hope people really liked it. Which brings us to Friday. The girls' took their costumes to school for their class parties. School is business as usual until the last part. But both of them came home with plenty of loot. Then we went to the ward dinner. The food was good but the turn out was so good that we ran out of food. The games went pretty well. My personal favorite was digging for the bones of a miniature skeleton in a cauldron of slimy spaghetti. Then we paraded the kids across the stage and out to the trunks for Trunk or Treating. More Candy!

Cadence was The Blue Nosed Witch, which is from a favorite book I read as a kid and that we found and read together from Cadence's school library. I love passing on traditions.

My sad attempt as a China Doll.

Saturday was a fairly normal rainy Saturday of chores and me at work with a migraine. That made me more grateful that I had already asked Grandpa if he would take the girls out Trick or Treating. The rain had stopped by then, but it was windy. They needed gloves and coats and covered ears. That doesn't seem too bad after looking at pictures of more than two feet of snow at my sister's house in Colorado. For the first time since becoming a mother ten years ago, this was the first Halloween I didn't go out. It was so relaxing to sit and watch mildly scary movies and pass out candy. Our house isn't next to too many residences so we only had about twenty kids. The girls were home and showered and in bed by 9:00. Woo Hoo. Happy Halloween everyone!


Chicky said...

That sounds like so much fun. It was 80 degrees here, which is nice, but so not the Halloween I remember as a child.

Jewels said...

WOW halloween in palmyra sounds like a lot of fun!!! we had trunk or treat in our stake, but there weren't games or anything, plus we didn't stay long cuz it was cold, and we went to the mall on actual halloween, but most of the stores weren't participating, I think we came away with 10 pieces of candy altogether :)